SUNDAY, 10:30 am  ​is worship led by our Praise Team, His Prayz! A celebration praising God, each week we send our children off to their learning time while being challenged by a life changing Word from God. Attended by all ages, Holy Communion is available weekly to all baptized and baptisms are celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the month. 


SUNDAY, 9:00 am   is our formal liturgical

service with organ and traditional Lutheran worship. Familiar hymns led by the organ or sometimes a piano and keyboard  help attendees recall our heritage and historical worship customs.  Holy Communion,  open to all baptized, is celebrated weekly. Baptism is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month. 

SATURDAY, 5:00 PM   is a gathering of people who enjoy a smaller, informal worship setting. Holy Communion is celebrated weekly in this relaxed atmosphere and is open to all baptized. Baptisms may be celebrated at any of the services.

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